Jianwai SOHO

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Location of Jianwai SOHO
Along Changan Avenue, right opposite China World Trade Center
Description of Jianwai SOHO
Large compound with 18 apartment buildings, 2 office buildings, 4 villas and more than 300sqm retail shops, total area 510,000sqm. Large project consists of big central garden. All the apartments are bright and have very modern design with simple decoration.
completion Time 2004
water fee Cold water: RMB3.7/ton, hot water: RMB13/sqm/ton
electricity fee RMB0.48/kwh
gas fee RMB1.9/m3
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
2Br 121sqm USD1500
2Br 137sqm USD1600-1900
2Br 148sqm USD1700-2000
2Br 166sqm USD1800-2100
3Br 199sqm USD2400-2800
3Br 205sqm USD2500-3000
3Br 237sqm USD3000-3500
3Br 290sqm USD3500-4500
5Br 445sqm USD5500-6000

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