Boning Garden

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Location of Boning Garden
Boning garden is located behind the Lufthansa centre, near Sheraton Hotel.
Description of Boning Garden
Boning Garden consists of two 26-storey buildings with a big central garden. The units are simple with functional design and decoration. All the apartments have square layout which makes it easy to arrange the furniture.Its good location, quiet surroundings and reasonable price attract a lot of people
completion Time 1996
water fee Cold:RMB3.60/ton Hot:RMB8.50/ton
electricity fee RMB1.00/kwh
gas fee RMB3.00/cubic meter
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
1Br 79.8sqm USD900
2Br 112sqm USD1200-1500
3Br 151sqm USD2500

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