Beijing Fortune Plaza

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Location of Beijing Fortune Plaza
Along the East 3rd Ring, between the Jingguang Center and the Kerry Center
Description of Beijing Fortune Plaza
The 5 buildings (2 offices, 1 hotel, and 2 apartment buildings), are currently the highest buildings within Beijing. The grand project is organized by notorious architects and construction companies. Superior quality apartments and high standard equipment. 13 units per floor. Conveniently planned layouts, including: large bathrooms and bedrooms, spacious living rooms, and large windows.
completion Time Phase I - March, 2005
water fee N/A
electricity fee N/A
gas fee N/A
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
1Br 85sqm USD1250
1Br 97sqm USD1390
2Br 120sqm USD1810
2Br 137sqm USD1810-2230
2Br 140sqm USD1810-2230
2Br 167sqm USD1810-2230
3Br 206sqm USD2230-3060
4Br 320sqm USD2230-3060

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