Sunshine 100

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Location of Sunshine 100
Just 3 minutes drive to the east from Kerry Center, close to the 3rd Ring Road
Description of Sunshine 100
New big project consisting of 5 buildings and one big clubhouse. At the moment, four residential towers (36 and 38-storey) have been completed. The unusual curvy layouts - all units are facing south, which ahve an unique exterior curved design.
completion Time 2000
water fee cold: RMB 2.5/ton; hot: RMB 12/ton
electricity fee RMB 0.44/kwh
gas fee RMB 0.9/m3
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
2Br 110sqm USD1000
2Br 115sqm USD1200
3Br 145sqm USD1500
3Br 188sqm USD1500-2000
3-4Br 172sqm USD1800
4Br 175sqm USD1800-2000
4-5Br 227sqm USD2500-3500
5Br 260sqm USD3800-4500

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