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Location of China Center
Peking China Central Place locates 900 meters east of Trade Center bridge at Changan Street.
Description of China Center
The project covers over 30 hectares, the development construction scale is about one million square meters, which comprises 5 intelligent Office buildings of more than 100 meters height, 2 super-luxurious hotels, River walk world shopping mall, international apartments, the business buildings and theme parks.
completion Time September, 2005
water fee cold: RMB3.7/ton; hot: RMB10.0/ton
electricity fee RMB 0.48/kwh.
gas fee RMB1.9/m3
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
1Br 88sqm USD1600
2Br 107sqm USD1800-2000
2Br 130-150sqm USD2000-3000
3Br 168sqm USD3500-4500
3Br 218sqm USD4800-5500

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