Julong Garden

Julong Garden picture one

Julong Garden picture two

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Location of Julong Garden
Located on Xinzhong St. In Dongcheng District. Beside the Workers¡¯ Stadium, close to Sanlitun embassy area.
Description of Julong Garden
Large compound consists of high-rise & low-rise buildings, large layout, extremely suitable for people who like open spaces.
completion Time
water fee
electricity fee
gas fee
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
2Br 140sqm USD1200-1500
2Br 149sqm USD1500-2000
3Br 178sqm USD1600-2000
3Br 200sqm USD2000
4Br 220sqm USD2200-2500
4Br 300sqm USD3000
4Br 350sqm USD4000-4500
duplexBr 310sqm USD3500-4000

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