Kerry Center

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Location of Kerry Center
Located just behind China World Trade Centre.
Description of Kerry Center
A large compound - office building, apartment building and shopping center. Very good construction materials, open kitchen, fully equipped with kitchen appliances, big bath with separate shower. All the rooms are facing south, very bright & sunny.
completion Time 1999
water fee Cold: RMB2.9/ton; hot: RMB5.4/ton
electricity fee RMb0.84/kwh
gas fee RMb1.5/cubic meter
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
2Br 139sqm USD3800-4200
2Br 168sqm USD4300-4500
3Br 224sqm USD5000-5800
3Br 283sqm USD7100
3Br 317sqm USD8100
4Br 420sqm USD10000
4Br 450sqm USD11000
5Br 452sqm USD11000
5Br 525sqm USD16600

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