Chateau Regency

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Location of Chateau Regency
Located along Jiangtai Road, south of Holiday Inn Lido Beijing. Short drive to the airport.
Description of Chateau Regency
Courtyard style apartment building with beautiful large central garden, all the apartments are very nicely decorated with nice wooden floor, open kitchen and beautiful bath room, butler services are being provided
completion Time 2000
water fee Cold:RMB1.60/ton; hot: RMB18.00/ton
electricity fee RMB 0.80/kwh
gas fee RMB1.7/cubic meter
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
1Br 80sqm USD1500-2000
2Br 134sqm USD2500
2Br 170-350sqm USD3200-8000
3Br 268-367sqm USD5500-6000

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