Concordia Plaza

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Location of Concordia Plaza
Located just beside the 3rd Ring road, near the Kempinski Hotel, right opposite Tower Crest building, inside the 3rd embassy area.
Description of Concordia Plaza
Another revolting masterpiece of Fuyang Property, Concordia Plaza is a hotel serviced, 3 tower apartment building. Primely located in Lufthansa business circle, it provides first class apartments. The nice apartments, prime location, high class service, as well as the 3,000 sqm clubhouse make it a perfect residential place for active people
completion Time 2001
water fee RMB 3.7per ton
electricity fee RMB0.48 /kwh
gas fee RMB1.9/m3
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
1Br 84sqm USD1400
2Br 108sqm USD1600
2Br 177sqm USD1750-1950
3Br 202sqm USD1800-2000
4Br 206sqm USD2000
4Br 257sqm USD2500
4Br 297sqm USD2800
4Br 318sqm USD3000-4000

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