Ya Bao Apartment

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Location of Ya Bao Apartment
Ya Bao Apartment is located within the East Second Ring Road, opposite Ya Bao commercial circle, near the embassy district, between Chang An Street and Chaoyang commercial area.
Description of Ya Bao Apartment
It is a quiet and peaceful compound with large central garden, full of beautiful flowers and with a small artificial lake. The compound consists of four 6-storey buildings, all equipped with elevators, all the aparments have both north & south facing, with a very good ventilation. The courtyard style structure of the compound helps to avoid the city noise and gives a leisure, carefree lifestyle.
completion Time 1999
water fee RMB3,1 per ton
electricity fee RMB0,66 per Kwh
gas fee RMB1,7 per ton
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
2Br 140sqm USD1500-2000
3Br 189sqm USD2400-2800
4Br 280sqm USD2800-4000

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