Landmark Palace

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Location of Landmark Palace
Beside Liangma River, close to Lufthansa, Landmark Towers and Kunlun. Near the north gate of Chaoyang Park.
Description of Landmark Palace
Brand new modern buildings (three high-rise and two low-rise). Mid to high quality apartments in a very good location - close to Lufthansa. Very reasonable prices. Various decorations are provided by individual landlords.
completion Time 2002
water fee cold: RMB 3.7/ton; hot: RMB 11/ton.
electricity fee RMB0.48 /kwh
gas fee RMB 1.7/m3
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
2Br 136sqm USD1000-1200
2Br 143sqm USD1100-1200
3Br 161sqm USD1500
3Br 196sqm USD1800-2000
3Br 229sqm USD2500-3000
3Br 246sqm USD2600-3000
3Br 340sqm USD4100-5000
6Br 680sqm USD8000

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