The Courtyards

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Location of The Courtyards
Located on Zhenning Rd,Changning district,Located on the south of Yan¡¯an Lu Highway, 10 mins walk to subway, Huaihai Lu and Nanjing Lu, easy access to popular nightlife, restaurants & bars.
Description of The Courtyards
The Courtyards was built in 2000.It consists of two high-rise apartment towers. All the apartments belong to individual owners, so there is a great variety of decorations and furnishing styles. All rooms are nicely furnished. Appliances and fixtures are new and good quality. Rooms lead to bright kitchen. Area is safe and quiet while being close to shopping street and major roads. Good view of city area from window. The nice onsite facilities are provided to the residents.
completion Time
water fee
electricity fee
gas fee
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
2Br 102sqm USD1100-1900
2Br 107sqm USD1200
2Br 108sqm USD1200-1400
2Br 109sqm USD1200
3Br 126sqm USD1300-2000
3Br 130sqm USD1500-2000
3Br 135sqm USD1700-1900
3Br 136sqm USD1500-3000
3Br 137sqm USD1800-3200
3Br 138sqm USD1500-2000
3Br 152sqm USD1500-1800
3Br 187sqm USD3800
4Br 180sqm USD2100-2600
4Br 240sqm USD5000

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