Sunny Garden

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Location of Sunny Garden
Located beside Green Valley Villas, near the Shanghai Zoo, Gubei Carrefour and Hongqiao Airport, only 20 minutes drive to downtown .
Description of Sunny Garden
Sunny Garden is a very nice villa garden. All of the units belong to individual landlords, so the furnishing styles and decorations may vary. Featuring spacious villas with their own private garden areas and indoor garages, this property represents good value for money. The Green Valley Villas club card is negotiable.
completion Time 1995
water fee 1.93
electricity fee .61
gas fee 1.05
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
4Br 207sqm USD3500
4Br 230sqm USD3000-3500
4Br 250sqm USD3500
4Br 300sqm USD5500-6000
5Br 250sqm USD5000-5500
5Br 320sqm USD4800
5Br 320sqm USD4500
5Br 320sqm USD5000
5Br 380sqm USD8000
6Br 370sqm USD6000

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