Hongqiao Golf Villas

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Location of Hongqiao Golf Villas
Located on Hongqin Lu, close to Gubei Carrefour, City supermarket and World-Link International Hospital,15 mins to downtown by car.
Description of Hongqiao Golf Villas
This villa compound comprises of luxurious 3-storey villas, which are set within a large central garden. Each villa features a spacious layout, a fully-furnished kitchen and a private garage. Since the units all belong to individual landlords, they have a variety of decorations and furnishing styles. Complete club facilities are offered to the residents. Its access to the Hongqiao Golf Course makes the compound ideal to the residents who love playing golf.
completion Time 2002
water fee 1.93
electricity fee .61
gas fee 1.05
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
3Br 270sqm USD4500
4Br 260sqm USD4500
4Br 270sqm USD4500
4Br 274sqm USD4500
4Br 275sqm USD3900
4Br 275sqm USD4500
4Br 277sqm USD3500
4Br 277sqm USD4500
4Br 278sqm USD4500
4Br 278sqm USD4500
4Br 280sqm USD4000
4Br 280sqm USD4000-4500
4Br 280sqm USD4000-4500
4Br 287sqm USD4500
4Br 287sqm USD4500
4Br 330sqm USD4500
4Br 400sqm USD4000-4500
4Br 450sqm USD4500
5Br 280sqm USD4500
5Br 433sqm USD5500
5Br 448sqm USD6000
5Br 479sqm USD3800-4400
6Br 385sqm USD5000
6Br 448sqm USD7000
6Br 448sqm USD7600

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