Odin Palace Villas

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Location of Odin Palace Villas
Located on Hongmei Lu, close to Gubei Carrefour, easy access to Yanan Highway and the Hongqiao Airport.
Description of Odin Palace Villas
This big villa compound with beautifully landscaped garden was designed by HK architects. The property offers totally 108 units, which are all townhouses. All the houses are large and triplex. They all have high ceilings, spacious basements as well as underground garages. Each of the houses belongs to individual owner and comes with different decoration and furniture. Residents can enjoy complete onsite sports & club facilities.
completion Time 2002
water fee 1.93
electricity fee .61
gas fee 1.05
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
3Br 325sqm USD3000
3Br 340sqm USD3500
3Br 345sqm USD2800
3Br 380sqm USD5000
4Br sqm USD3000
4Br 335sqm USD3500-4000
4Br 336sqm USD3500-3700
4Br 338sqm USD2000
4Br 338sqm USD3500
4Br 340sqm USD3500-3800
4Br 340sqm USD4000
4Br 340sqm USD4500
4Br 340sqm USD3000-3500
4Br 380sqm USD3600
5Br 340sqm USD3500
5Br 350sqm USD3000
5Br 380sqm USD3500
5Br 380sqm USD4500

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