Tomson Golf Villa

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Location of Tomson Golf Villa
Located on Longdong Da Dao, 20 mins drive to Pudong Airport, 30 mins drive to downtown.
Description of Tomson Golf Villa
Tomson Golf Villas is a prestigious executive villa and apartment compound, which is set within a golf court. The property is a suitable home for people seeking resort-style living. Phase 1 offers 75 villas, and Phase 2 comprises 58 detached and 38 semi-detached villas. With good-quality services and facilities, this property aims to provide its residents the ultimate satisfaction. The extensive garden areas make the property particularly suitable for the families with children.
completion Time 2001
water fee 1.93
electricity fee .61
gas fee 1.05
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
2Br 500sqm USD10000
4Br 180sqm USD3000
4Br 260sqm USD4000
4Br 367sqm USD5000
4Br 378sqm USD6000-7000
4Br 378sqm USD6000-6500
4Br 380sqm USD5500-6000
4Br 389sqm USD6500
4Br 430sqm USD10000
4Br 435sqm USD9000
4Br 650sqm USD10000
4+1Br 475sqm USD10000
4+1Br 520sqm USD8500
5Br 189sqm USD3500-4000
5Br 200sqm USD4000
5Br 230sqm USD4500
5Br 290sqm USD4500
5Br 300sqm USD6200
5Br 300sqm USD5500
5Br 354sqm USD6000
5Br 354sqm USD5200
5Br 380sqm USD8000-10000
5Br 381sqm USD5300
5Br 385sqm USD5500
5Br 385sqm USD6000
5Br 386sqm USD4400
5Br 386sqm USD6800
5Br 400sqm USD7500
5Br 400sqm USD6000
5Br 406sqm USD7000
5Br 417sqm USD5600
5Br 470sqm USD7000-8000
5Br 475sqm USD10000
5Br 478sqm USD6500
5Br 486sqm USD8000
5Br 500sqm USD7000
5Br 500sqm USD7000
5Br 500sqm USD8000
5Br 590sqm USD7000
5Br 640sqm USD9000-10000
5Br 650sqm USD12000-13000
6Br 353sqm USD5500
6Br 360sqm USD6500
6Br 380sqm USD6000
6Br 407sqm USD7000
6Br 430sqm USD8000
6Br 433sqm USD8000
6Br 500sqm USD5300
6Br 500sqm USD8000
6Br 550sqm USD10000
7Br 500sqm USD6000

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