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Location of Vizcaya Villa
Nestled in Pudong Green City, close to international schools and kindergartens, Carrefour Supermarket and Tomson Golf Court.
Description of Vizcaya Villa
The development consists of 179 pure Spanish and Mediterranean style villas, with a 5000sqm manor-style upland clubhouse. This property is constructed through four phases. The high quality of this property and its services & facilities ensure the satisfaction of the residents. The extensive garden areas make the property particularly suitable for the families with children. This is a compound for the privileged and that offers comprehensive facilities. Very popular among expatriates and families. Convenient to restaurants and entertainment.
completion Time 2004
water fee 1.93
electricity fee .61
gas fee 1.05
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
3Br 275sqm USD7500
3Br 275sqm USD6700
3Br 415sqm USD7500
3Br 417sqm USD6500-7000
3+1Br 415sqm USD7200
3+1Br 434sqm USD6800-7000
4Br sqm USD9000
4Br 270sqm USD7500
4Br 293sqm USD8000
4Br 296sqm USD8500
4Br 296sqm USD8000
4Br 300sqm USD8500
4Br 300sqm USD8500
4Br 300sqm USD8000-9000
4Br 300sqm USD9000-10000
4Br 300sqm USD9000
4Br 300sqm USD9000
4Br 300sqm USD7000
4Br 350sqm USD7500-8000
4Br 418sqm USD7000
4Br 440sqm USD6800
4Br 450sqm USD8500
4Br 450sqm USD5600
4Br 450sqm USD7800
4Br 450sqm USD9000
4Br 450sqm USD7500
4Br 512sqm USD9000
4+1Br 310sqm USD8500-9000
4+1Br 450sqm USD7000-7500
5Br 340sqm USD9500

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