Summit Panorama

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Location of Summit Panorama
Located in the heart of Lujiazui financial area, 10mins walk away from Dongchang Subway Station.
Description of Summit Panorama
This compound is well known for its good-quality service. Set in a beautiful central garden, the property consists of lowrise and highrise buildings. All apartments belong to private owners, with a good variety of modern designs & high-standard decorations. Guards insure the security of the compound. Tenants can enjoy onsite sports facilities.
completion Time 2002
water fee 1.93
electricity fee .61
gas fee 1.05
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
2Br 111sqm USD1000
2Br 120sqm USD800
2Br 140sqm USD900
2+1Br 140sqm USD1100-1200
3Br 130sqm USD
3Br 130sqm USD1000-1200
3Br 134sqm USD950
3Br 134sqm USD1500
3Br 134sqm USD1500
3Br 134sqm USD1500
3Br 134sqm USD900
3Br 134sqm USD950
3Br 134sqm USD1000
3Br 134sqm USD900
3Br 136sqm USD1050
3Br 136sqm USD1000
3Br 137sqm USD800
3Br 139sqm USD1100
3Br 139sqm USD1050
3Br 142sqm USD900
3Br 142sqm USD900
3Br 142sqm USD1450
3Br 148sqm USD1200
3Br 148sqm USD1250
3Br 159sqm USD1300
3Br 159sqm USD1300
3Br 159sqm USD2300
3Br 160sqm USD1800
3Br 160sqm USD1100
3Br 160sqm USD1250
3Br 163sqm USD1200
3Br 163sqm USD1150
3Br 163sqm USD1150
3Br 165sqm USD1800
3Br 198sqm USD2300
3Br 198sqm USD2000
4Br 196sqm USD1400
4Br 196sqm USD2000
4Br 196sqm USD2100
4Br 196sqm USD2000
4Br 210sqm USD2500
4Br 210sqm USD2300
4Br 210sqm USD2000
4Br 210sqm USD2000
4Br 210sqm USD1300
4Br 210sqm USD1500
4Br 210sqm USD1700
4Br 210sqm USD2200
4Br 213sqm USD2000
4Br 213sqm USD2600
4Br 214sqm USD2000
4Br 248sqm USD2500
4Br 250sqm USD2700-2800
4Br 256sqm USD2000

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