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Location of Palace Court
Located on Huaihai Lu, ten minutes walk to the subway station of Changshu Road stop. 5 minutes walking distance away from Xiangyang Market.
Description of Palace Court
Palace Court is a well-known 32-storey residential building offering spacious and well-designed apartment units. Residents enjoy spacious living rooms with large windows and nice balconies. Apartments are situated on the upper floors providing great views over the city skyline.
completion Time 1997
water fee 1.93
electricity fee .61
gas fee 1.05
Type(Br) Area(sqm) Rental(USD)
2Br 104sqm USD1200
2Br 106sqm USD1600-2000
2Br 107sqm USD1300-1700
2Br 110sqm USD1200
2Br 120sqm USD1000-1750
2Br 121sqm USD1200
3Br 143sqm USD2800
3Br 146sqm USD1600
3Br 150sqm USD3000
3Br 160sqm USD2000-2500
3Br 177sqm USD3500
5Br 258sqm USD4000-5000

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